Hi, I am Jacob Seinfeld!

I work as a graphic designer for a real estate company in South Florida. 

Before moving to Florida, I worked in the retail industry for several small businesses, helping them design their print material along with their website. 

I have been designing since I remember. I started sketching and painting with watercolors from the age of 6. When my father got me my first computer back in the 90s, I start saving money to purchase Quarkexpress. It was something magical to be able to design using your personal computer back then. Not everyone owned a PC, and there were very few that even knew how to properly use graphic design software like Quarkexpress. 

Today, I use Photoshop and Indesign mostly, as these tools are very powerful and allow me to visualize almost anything I have in mind. 


I hold a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design Major) from The University of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States and a Brand Master Certification from Brand Master Academy, and over 11 years of experience in the industry, and a great design portfolio.

Why I created Graphic Design Tuts

I created Graphic Design Tuts mainly to help small businesses learn how to do basic graphic design. Hiring a graphic designer can cost a significant amount of money and can be avoided if business owners study carefully the advice provided in Graphic Design Tuts. 

Good Luk with your Journey in Graphic Design!

All The Best